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About Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a phone service that launched in 2017. I was part of the design team working on the direct-to-consumer digital experience. Xfinity Mobile's key differentiator was a wifi-first approach on data and voice services paired with a focus on enabling self-service by creating a simple and clear digital experience.


Launch of service


Total subscribers in 2017

Launched BYOD

Retail stores opened

Still high barrier to entry in 2018


Total subscribers target by EOY 2018

Customer Insights

From the customers insights team, I learned about the following traits of customers who either bring their own device or pay for their devices in full at the time of checkout.

No financial risk
Great credit
Low churn
Pay bills on time
Families with multiple lines

Our family-focused customer segment was the obvious choice for us to focus on. There was a clear opportunity to improve an existing experience to get more families to sign up for Xfinity Mobile.


Opportunities for usability testing


Flexibility to adjust eligibility model

4 weeks

From design to developer handoff

Limited engagement with Engineers

My role & partners

I designed the UI and interaction patterns for the new eligibility assessment and mitigation experience for new and existing customers.

Designer (me)

Content Strategist

Product Owner

Credit Risk Team



Understanding current state

Understanding the current problems and identifying key moments to improve the experience

Internal Liability Check

Xfinity Mobile had an algorithm referred to as the Internal Liability Check that determined the number of lines a customer could get. You could get up to 5 lines.

Factors taken into consideration:

  • Tenure as internet customer
  • Payment history
External Credit Check

Sometimes, customers were required to run an external credit check to determine their eligibility when there wasn’t enough information to inform the internal liability check.

Risks with running a credit check:

  • Hard inquiry
  • May qualify for fewer devices
  • May be denied service
Flawed Risk Assessment

The purpose of these checks was to weed out customers who were potential financial risks to the business, people who would likely cancel the service after purchasing multiple devices. While it was successful in doing that, it introduced a new set of problems.

The model assigned the same risk levels to:

  • Customers financing a device
  • Customers paying in full
  • Customers bringing their own device
Impact of the flawed assessment

If a customer was only eligible for 2 out of the 5 lines, they would be prevented from getting the additional 3 lines even if they were willing to pay for 3 new devices in full or they wanted to bring their own devices.

A frustrating experience

Imagine coming in with the expectation of switching your family to Xfinity Mobile, learning all about it, picking new devices, running your credit, and getting a hard inquiry only to find out that you can't bring everyone would be a frustrating experience.

You would either stay with your current provider or, worse, go to a competitor.

That was the experience a lot of customers had before this project launched.

  • Consider switching carriers
  • Learn about plan
  • Pick devices & checkout
  • Run credit check
  • Can’t get all lines

The Credit Risk Team worked on a new model that allowed customers to qualify for up to 5 lines. The following are a few screens showing the final designs. My goal with the designs was to create a path for our customers to get all 5 lines through transparent communication and by setting clear expectations.

Video walkthrough of the prototype highlighting key screens and design rationale

Results & Reflections

Xfinity Mobile had around 380k subscribers in 2017. At the end of 2018, Xfinity Mobile reached 1.2 million subscribers through all the various programs that were initiated at the beginning of the year to meet that 1 million subscriber goal.


Feature launched in Q1


Increase in sales


Overal increase in lines


Total subscribers in 2018


Growth in subscriber base in 2019


Total subscribes in 2020 making it one of the largest MVNOs in the US

Since this project, I've gained a lot of experience and thinking back to this project, I never once questioned why I was given such a tight timeline and why the engineers did not have any capacity to help in the earlier stages. As someone who was fresh out of grad school and wanting to prove my value, I struggled a lot with saying "No" and I never pushed back even when I had solid reasoning. Thankfully, that has changed and I approach my work with a greater degree of confidence.

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