[SUU-jahn KAHD-gee]

Sujan Khadgi

I’m a Product Designer who enjoys untangling complexities with thoughtful design. I care about building memorable, enjoyable, useful, and inclusive digital experiences.

Currently, I lead the design system team @ Express Scripts to allow makers to spend less time building interfaces and more time building innovative digital experiences.

Portrait shot of Sujan

Some of my work

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really great projects with great people. Here’s a sampling of my work.

Coming soon

Evolving design systems

Express Scripts / 2021 / Draft Notes

Coming soon

Scaling design systems across brands

Express Scripts / 2021

Coming soon

Improving the navigation experience

URBN / 2020

Making search more relevant

URBN / 2019

Making mobile more accessible

Xfinity Mobile / 2018

Fine print

Photo of Sujan by Viva Love Photography

3D Illustration Kit by BAM

Memoji Pack by Moein Rabti