Immigrant. Designer. Artist. Mentor. Meme Connoisseur.

I live in Philadelphia, PA, with my wife, but I'm originally from Kathmandu, Nepal.  I've got three cats who all love my wife way more than they love me. I'm a hobbyist photographer and my wife and cats are usually the subjects of my shots.

A grayscale picture of my wife holding our cat, CloeA grayscale picture of my wife holding our cat, JadeA grayscale picture of my wife holding our cat, Almond.
Picture of my wife and my middle cat, Jade.
Picture of my wife and my oldest cat, Almond.

A bit more about me

I can speak four languages and I make dumplings from scratch. We're talking about everything made at home. The only thing store-bought are the ingredients we need.

It was something my family did back in Nepal, and it's one of my fondest memories. It's also how I won my wife over because we made dumplings on our first date together.

I love drawing portraits, making pixel art, or drawing some of my favorite characters in the rubber hose art style.

Passion for community

I've been very fortunate to have had so many great mentors throughout my journey as a designer, so I do my best to give back in any capacity I can.

I’ve been able to speak at a few local design events and I help run a few online communities to push the design industry forward in my home country, Nepal.

If you’re an aspiring designer seeking advice or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me an email.